[Book] Peace on Asia -Holistic Human Development for Indigenous Peoples and Ecology 2013

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Peace on Asia

-Holistic Human Development for Indigenous
Peoples and Ecology-

■ Forward
9 More Support for Youth in Asia through AYA & ATF!
- Fr. Antoine Sondag
■ Introduction
14 Beyond “Post-2015”:
Searching for a New Way of Human Development
- Dr. Paul Hwang

PART I :Cry for Peace on the Earth amid Ecological Crisis

21 A Malaysian Disaster -Problems from Mega Dams &
the role of the Church
- Mr. Peter Kallang
36 Evaluating the Green Growth Policy of South Korea: Focusing
on the Nuclear Energy Policy and the Four Major Rivers Project
- Dr. Kim Jung-Uk

PART II :Limitless Development Forcing Indigenous Peoples’ Life
in Crisis in Asia

51 A Solidarity Message From FABC-OLF
The Great Spirits of IPs in Asia Inspires the World!
- Fr. Patrick Gomes
56 Neo-Liberal Political Economy and Christian Engagement
- Fr. Felix Wilfred
97 The Great Spirit Dwelling IPs’ Lives and the Future of
- Fr. Jojo Fung, SJ
119 Interreligious Dialogue and Collaboration in Promoting
Ecological Peace for Indigenous Peoples in Asia
- Fr. Michael Amaladoss, S.J.
129 Indigenous Peoples amidst Ecological Crisis: Anthropological
and Theological Reflection
- Fr. Edgar G. Javier, SVD
141 Indigenous peoples, an introduction from a Human Rights
- Fr. Antoine Sondag
149 Reading Pope Francis’ ”Evangelii Gaudium” in the Light of
Integral Human Development & Peace
- Dr. Paul Hwang Kyung-Hoon
164 Limitless Development and Ecological Crisis in Asia:
A Theological Reflection
- Fr. Michael Amaladoss, S.J.
173 The Wisdom of Indigenous People and Missiological Paradigm
Shift: A Missioner’s Reflection
- Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD
189 Presentation of International Movement for We Are Church
- Mr. Didier Vanhoutte

PART III :Action Plan, Its Updates of Implementation, and Main

205 Action Plans
218 Implementation of Action Plan
238 Main Speakers
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