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Burmese Migrant Situation


Burmese Migrant Situation

in Thailand2016-09-05 17;13;55



그림1 그림1Mr. Htoo Chit

Executive Director

Foundation for Education and Development

Migration to Thailand


Reasons for migration to Thailand

  • Suppression of human rights in Myanmar, including freedom of expression
  • Oppression of ethnic minorities through forced labor, land confiscation, religious conflicts, rape and killings
  • Internal displacement of people
  • Fewer job opportunities and lower wages
  • Economic mismanagement leading to poverty



FED background

FED, formerly named Grassroots Human Rights Education and Development, was founded in 2000 in Sankalaburi, Kanchanaburi province. After the 2004 Tsunami the organization relocated to Phang Nga province in the south of Thailand. In 2007 it became a registered Foundation with the Thai government. FED also has an operational branch in Mae Sot, Tak province.


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The “3 D’s” working conditions for migrants

               (Dangerous, Dirty and Difficult)

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Migrant workers often live in remote areas in unsanitary conditions.

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Migrant workers face human rights violations such as human trafficking, discrimination, abuse, rape, murder, and workplace accidents due to unsafe working conditions.

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FED provides emergency assistance and healthcare to the migrant community. The FED shelter provides a temporary safe-place for migrants.

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Provides health education and community health care

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FED provides education and development opportunities for migrant children

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FED organizes different activities to promote women’s empowerment, some of which also generate a small income for migrant women.

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Phang Nga Province



First Case of Rohingya in Takuapa, Phang Nga

1.Arrived on Khuk Khak Beach on December 5, 2006 (traveling for 20 days)

2.114 males, 11 minors

3.Arrested and taken to Takuapa Police, then transferred to Takuapa Prison

4.11 Minors transferred to Phang Nga Immigration Detention Center

5.Deported to the DKBA area on Dec 19, 06



GHRE Support


Arrest by Khuk Khak Police


A minor at Phang Nga IDC


Other Cases in Phang Nga and Viscinity in 2006

 1  NOV  Phuket  ?  ?(3 bot)
 2  NOV 6  Ranong  50  DEC 1
 3  NOV 21  phang nga  57  DEC 3
 4  NOV 21  Ranong  96  (?)
 5  NOV 28  Ranong  87  DEC 9
 6  DEC 5  Khuk khak  114  DEC19
 7  DEC 5  Ranong  40  DEC 22

Khuraburi (Dec 13)



  • Since Oct 2006, more than 800 Rohingyas have been arrested in Phang Nga and nearby provinces in southern Thailand
  • They are distraught when caught; some require medical attention
  • All are deported to Myawaddy
  • This trend will continue until the end of sailing period (March)



Our Mission Statement

FED provides a safe and equitable environment for underprivileged workers, whilst promoting education and development opportunities for children and adults

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