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Laudato Si- Care for Creation

Laudato SI

Care for creation

Sana Mariam

Caritas Pakistan Lahore

27th Sep, 2015


Caritas Pakistan Lahore has organized a training session for young girls with the collaborative efforts of Nai UMEED Welfare Society at Mughal Park Shahdra. The main purpose of this session was to empower youth about the environmental changes and to give a glimpse of “Laudato Si” the second encyclical of Our Holy Father Pope Francis, therefore young generation can focus on climatic issues the whole world facing around the globe. More over they can come up with the spirit of securing Mother Earth and the generations come after us.

Mrs. Venus Hameed chair Person of Nai UMEED Welfare Society. Mrs. Kausar Domnic Adult Literacy teacher and Ms Sana Coordinator for livelihood Food & Security Program at Caritas Pakistan Lahore facilitated the session.



The session started with the rhyme praising the Mother Earth and the whole universe along with the reading from the Genesis chapter 1 Verse 26-31. These words from the Bible are the eye opener for the young generation that what God Has created and what was the purpose of the creation but Human being has exploited the whole universe due to their vested interests.


Ms Sana Mariam participant of AYA/ATF program facilitated the session. She briefed the biblical versus to the participant; also explain the concept of “Laudato Si” by Pope Francis. Moreover she focused on the climatic issue as a whole. She added that the climate change is the universal issue besides religious and ethnical perspectives. Mother Earth is our common Home we are sharing. We all human being has to unite for saving our environment. An activity was executed among the participants. The participants were directed to sit on the floor close their eyes and to hold the hands of the person sitting next to you. This activity shows the relationship of a Human being with the Soil, Society and Soul itself. After wards this trinity was explained briefly using Black board how Soil (mother Earth) is feeding us throughout the whole life. In at the end; it is the mother earth that hides human being in Her lap besides his/her cast or religion. So we should respect the holiness of soil. Similarly we should not neglect our souls. In addition We should try to find out our souls in this hustled and bustled world also ask ourselves the purpose of my creation? We must try to feel the nature then we can cope up with universal issue.                                                  


Mrs. Venus Hameed elaborated the session captivatingly she revised all the session with the participant. She added that: We must start from our home. Youth must contribute towards the betterment of the society. They have to recognize their identity first. At the end of the session Ms. Sana Mariam thanked all the participants and Mrs. Venus Hameed and Ms. Kausar Dominic for their collaborative efforts for Caritas Pakistan Lahore and AYA/ATF program.

Presented By

Sana Mariam

Caritas Pakistan Lahore

Livelihood Food & Security Program